Who defines beauty?

How do the decisions affect teens?

...and how can girls kickstart change? 

Find out in All Made Up: A Girl’s Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype and Celebrating Real Beauty (Walker & Company, May 2006), which has been called "the ultimate reality check handbook for girls" and "required reading for girls and everyone who cares about them."

Did you know that only two percent of women describe themselves as beautiful while 72% rate their beauty as average and 47% consider their body weight as too high?

And that 86% of the approximately 10 million American girls and women who suffer from an eating disorder report the onset of their condition by age 20?

Or that the world spends $38 billion on hair care products, $24 billion on skin care, $18 billion on makeup and $15 billion on perfumes every year?

All Made Up is the book all teen girls (age 11-15) need—and women wish they’d had while growing up. It questions which women are celebrated in our pop culture and why. More importantly, it investigates why most pop stars, models and Hollywood starlets have the same look—and teaches girls that it’s not their bodies that need to be fixed (and waxed, tanned, plucked…) but rather today’s commercially-driven beauty standards. 

All Made up: A Girls Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype (ISBN: 9780802777447).  

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